New Earth’s CentrO3fier™ treats high-strength wastestreams too challenging or temperamental for most conventional treatment processes.

In fact, the CentrO3fier system not only removes contaminants, but also typically transforms process residuals into their most stable, less-toxic state.

The CentrO3fier employs a combination of both existing and emerging technologies to outperform other more traditional techniques. It’s a unique, multi-patent-pending combination.

A full CentrO3fier system is an amalgamation of six modules — a cutting-edge fusion of filtration, electrocoagulation, advanced REDOX (reduction/oxidation) processes disinfection, and ion exchange technologies. It’s a technological cross-bundle in one complete, powerful system. This end-to-end treatment process allows the complete handling of a wide variety of waste streams in many configurations.

Through electro-physical processes, the CentrO3fier first treats contaminated water streams achieving greater than 95% removal of suspended and dissolved substances. Then, it disinfects and polishes resultant waters with both zeolites and oxidizers. The end result: a discharge that can meet regulatory agency water reuse or potable standards.

Further, the CentrO3fier’s modular design allows for easy customization, ensuring that your site does not pay for additional treatment you do not require. Treatment processes can be easily added in phases, or, turned on and off intermittently as your personalized site conditions demand.

New Earth offers pre-treatment, polishing, hybrid, or post-treatment options, or an end-to-end solution. The Centr03fier is versatile, modular, portable, cost effective, turnkey, scalable, and rapidly deployable. A tool with state-of-the-art effectiveness, its flexibility provides treatment capability as you need it, when you need it, and how you need it for a lower total cost of ownership.

To learn more about specific applications, click here, Industry Solutions.

CentrO3fier™ Benefits
More Effective — New Earth has developed a more effective, faster solution to remove dissolved contaminants.

The CentrO3fier super-saturates water with an oxidant, increasing the power, speed, and effectiveness of treatment. The result: a more practical polishing solution. We’ve also simplified and improved the solids separation process, integrating the dissolved contaminates removal process, such as ammonium, into a non-biological, non-membrane, self-sustaining proprietary approach.

Less Expensive —The CentrO3fier can be significantly less expensive than competing membrane processes, chemical treatments, or conventional treatment plants. It requires minimal maintenance and is chemically self-sufficient. For example, New Earth technology removes ammonium from water with zeolites, and, although using zeolites to conduct ion exchange is not new, New Earth has developed a proprietary patent-pending process to refresh depleted zeolites, allowing them to go back online and continue removing more ammonium.

More Compact — The New Earth solution requires significantly less space than conventional biological treatments.   The CentrO3fier design is compact and space efficient. The CentrO3fier standard model is approximately the size of a 20’ shipping container, fitting on a truck trailer for use as a mobile unit if desired.

Less Waste-By Product — The CentrO3fier produces minimal and typically non-hazardous sludge which does not require expensive disposal.

Modular, Scalable, and Customizable—The CentrO3fier is designed and developed as modular components, allowing cost-effective customization to meet your specific needs.

Greater Versatility — The CentrO3fier is effective at removing a broad range of contaminants and can be used in conjunction with existing treatment technologies. For example, wastewater can be pre-treated for membrane systems or handle seasonal spikes in capacity requirements.

Safer—The CentrO3fier relies on site-generated ozone as its main disinfectant, rather than chlorine gas. Chlorine gas and other chemicals used in competing treatments are dangerous in transit, in storage, and in use. Ozone, on the other hand, eventually converts back to molecular oxygen.

No Chemical Inputs — The CentrO3fier is a chemically self-sufficient. Unlike many of its competitors, the New Earth Systems’ process does not require ongoing input of chemicals.

Superior Reliability — No biology is used in the New Earth process. In conventional biological treatments, aeration requires large, land-based lagoons or treatment ponds where bacteria can interact with the water for a period of several days. If this bacteria is shocked (killed) by a problem or toxicity at the plant, it can take weeks to re-grow a colony of treatment bacteria.

Serviceability — The CentrO3fier is designed to utilize proven, reliable, industry-standard components, with easy access to key parts for efficient servicing.

CentrO3fier™ Callouts

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