About New Earth Systems
New Earth Systems™ is a growth-oriented company focused on water remediation. Our principle strategy is to apply innovation, creativity, hard work, and high-tech engineering to create solutions to our client’s toughest high-strength wastestream problems.

Headquartered in St. George, Utah, New Earth Systems is the developer of the CentrO3fier™, a fusion of cutting-edge technology, balanced, bundled, and capable of taking on the world’s most difficult wastestreams. The CentrO3fier is commercialized innovation in action. Created to solve real problems in the real world. Designed to provide New Earth Systems with meaningful business results.

New Earth Systems, Inc. was founded by its current C.E.O., Kirk Bradley, a 25-year industry veteran with a history of innovation, passion, and outside-the-box thinking. New Earth is committed to providing superior results to its clients, exceptional return to its stockholders, and a family atmosphere for its team members.

People and the environment we live in. New Earth Systems is focused on making both better. Now there’s an idea to build a company on.

The New Earth Team
New Earth Systems is led by 25-year water and wastewater remediation veteran, Kirk Bradley. New Earth Systems, Inc. boasts a entrepreneurial, multi-disciplinary business and technical team. You can find biographies for Kirk Bradley and other New Earth Team members by clicking here.

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Strategic Partners
MSE Technology Applications, Inc.
MSE Technology Applications is an equity partner in New Earth Systems, Inc. MSE is one of the nation’s premier advanced technology development firms offering comprehensive services in the development, testing, evaluation, deployment, and commercialization of innovative advanced technologies. Their established reputation within the remediation industry combined with their technical effectiveness makes them an extremely strong strategic partner. Visit MSE’s website at
GSA Resources, Inc.
GSA Resources, Inc. is a company specializing in water treatment and odor control technologies through the use of natural zeolites, modified zeolites, and specialty clay products. GSA Resources holds strategic licenses, patents, and mineral deposit claims that are applicable to use in conjunction with New Earth Systems, Inc. Dan Eyde, President of GSA also sits on New Earth Systems Board of Directors. Visit GSA’s website at Recently GSA building a new website of pearl ring, if you are interested in this please support it.