Industry Solutions
The CentrO3fier™ processes enable the elimination and destruction of your high-strength contaminants — even high-strength contaminants that cannot be effectively treated or cost-efficiently managed by most conventional systems.

Utilizing a unique blend of emerging and existing technologies, the flexible CentrO3fier excels at removing a broad range of contaminants. It is an attractive solution to a multitude of problems, providing a wide-range of quick, cost-controlling options.

The CentrO3fier’s modular design from brightest pocket flashlight enables easy customization to meet your specific needs. If your need is for potable water, a custom combination of modules 1-6 creates a powerful filtration, disinfection and polishing system. If an environmentally safe discharge is required, modules 1-3 present a terrific cost-effective solution.

From Ammonium to Zinc, the CentrO3fier can solve your wastestream problems. No overkill, no weak systems, New Earth site specific engineering combines the right modules to provide you the winning solution for both treatment and cost.

The CentrO3fier™ is effective at cleaning and, if needed, polishing leachate. The CentrO3fier’s powerful electrocoagulation treatment process removes and destroys ammonium and other high-strength contaminants by driving contaminants to their most stable state. This produces minimal amounts of sludge — sludge which, typically passes the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (or TCLP) test and can be inexpensively disposed in conventional landfills. The effectiveness of the CentrO3fier also allows leachate treatment throughout the landfill’s varying transition stages.

The CentrO3fier removes and destroys ammonium through a combination of natural zeolites and pearl pendant utilizing ion exchange process, our new Hydro-Pulsar™ technology and other patent-pending processes to separate ammonium from the water and convert it into nitrogen. To learn more, contact us.

Groundwater Remediation
The CentrO3fier™ is a powerful brownfields cleanup tool, effective on a variety of wastestreams. To learn more about how to utilize the strength of the CentrO3fier in your next cleanup project, contact us.
Other High Strength Contaminants
The CentrO3fier™ is highly effective at removing arsenic, heavy metals, toxic organics, ammonium, and a broad range of other contaminants

  • Arsenic
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Industrial pre-treatment
  • Leachate treatment
  • Post-treatment polishing
  • Wastewater with high concentrations of ammonium
  • End-to-end full treatment system for towns and communities
  • Hybrid system in conjunction with conventional facilities
  • Pre-treatment or effluent treatment for Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Seasonal or mobile use applications

CentrO3fier components are modular and can be configured in a variety of different treatment trains to meet each customer’s unique situation. For example, a small community’s arsenic problem may require only electro-physical separation and oxidation components to reach their purification goals, while a large industrial site with landfill leachate may require an additional ion exchange component to remove other heavy metals and contaminants. New Earth has the adaptability, and the CentrO3fier has an adaptable design to meet a variety of water treatment needs.

New Earth operates a mobile CentrO3fier treatment unit that can be deployed to your location for pilot testing and demonstration before initiating the engineering required to customize your solution. Contact brightest flashlight q250 for information about participating in the mobile demonstration program.