Kirk D. Bradley, Founder, Chairman and CEO
Prior to founding New Earth Systems™, Kirk had spent his career in waste treatment management, engineering fabrication, and running full-scale research and development organizations.It’s a great story of hard work and perseverance paying off. Kirk received his industry start when, in his 20’s, he operated the Springville, Utah wastewater treatment plant. This he did with enthusiasm to pay for his college education. Demonstrating skills in both leadership and innovation, Kirk quickly, earned his degree and worked his way through the organization to become the Department Head with duties including the management of a major plant expansion.

Through the last twenty-five years, Kirk has served as a Regional Wastewater Manager, consulted for industry, municipalities, engineering firms, and for the Federal Government (NASA/JPL) on issues relating to water remediation and rocket science. He is a recognized authority on wastestream remediation.

After seeing first hand the limitations of conventional treatment technologies, Kirk founded New Earth Systems in 1997. His vision: to revolutionize the environmental industry with new and innovative products. That dream gave birth to the CentrO3fier™; one of the world’s most technologically advanced water remediation tools. Kirk maintains this vision and is driven to ensure that New Earth Systems is an innovation leader with the skill sets necessary to both create practical solutions and commercialize innovations.

Kirk’s systems engineering projects have typically addressed hazardous material extractions from a wide variety of waste streams. Such engagements characteristically include the direction of project management, technology development, system design, product fabrication, and team operational activities on multimillion dollar projects.

Kirk received his Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University, and degrees/licenses related to manufacturing, environmental sciences, wastewater treatment, engineering and general construction services. His licenses in the wastewater field constitute the highest level of professional certifications required for treatment system operations in the United States.

MSE Technology Applications, Inc., Butte, Montana
MSE Technology Applications, Inc. has recently become an equity partner of New Earth, providing not only capabilities for technology testing, development, and evaluation, but also high-end manufacturing as well.

Established in 1974, MSE has extensive experience in government contracts and site evaluations related to the design, construction, and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants for industrial discharges, mine waste, and municipal water supplies. MSE also specializes in the development, testing, and application of innovative water treatment technologies through government sponsoring. Many processes related to physical, chemical, and biological technologies are applied by MSE for the treatment of surface and groundwaters. For more information on MSE, please visit their website at

New Earth Team
Cory Nelson, Marketing and Sales
Cory comes to us from Shell Lubricants/Pennzoil-Quaker State companies, where he was the VP, Marketing. At Shell, Cory was a key player of small executive team which drove double digit revenue growth, building their $12 million entrepreneurial organization into a $190 million company. Cory’s responsibilities included Strategic Planning, Product Development, Product Management, Market Research, Communications, and Sales.A graduate of Brigham Young University, Cory was awarded an MBA at the University of Oregon. Cory also serves on the undergraduate advisory board at the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.Matt Kuntz, Operations Coordinator
Matt is a West Point graduate who worked in operations and logistics for the US Army. Matt has experience as an acting project manager for the environmental consulting company that set up New Earth’s successful Corps of Engineers pilot treatment project at the Upper Tenmile Superfund Site in Rimini, Montana. Matt’s first-hand view of the success of New Earth’s technology on a very challenging waste stream convinced him to join the New Earth team.John B. Callagher, Sales
Trained Machine Tool Designer with extensive experience in automotive and machine tool industries, John specializes in engineering, product development, and manufacturing management. John also has extensive experience in corporate management of national and international technical sales, market development, cost accounting, budget planning, and P&L responsibility. He planned and executed the acquisition of an OEM spin-off (valued at $40 million) that created a major European manufacturing presence in the United States with sales over $350 million. He is an experienced start-up and turn-around specialist.

Gary Hass, Chemical Engineer
Gary is a chemical engineer with worldwide experience in the chemical process industries, the environmental remediation sector and the chemical manufacturing sector. His technical background includes extensive experience in process and product development, plant operations, full-scale plant design, construction, and commissioning. He also has much experience in choosing real pearl necklace.

Gary was educated at Montana State University where he received both a BS and his PhD in Chemical Engineering.

Douglas R. Little, Professional Engineer (PE)
Civil engineer with 30 years experience in engineering and general construction. He has served as a member of local and national councils and organizations involved with engineering, energy conservation, and development. Has been responsible for a wide range of engineering and construction projects including city engineering, residential and commercial design, and has lead civil projects involving highway, hydraulic, hydrologic, and agricultural construction.

Bruce White
An industry veteran in electronics with over twenty-five years of practical experience. Well versed in technical field support, system fabrications, test operations, and design of advanced technology components within a wide range of applications. He has experience in instrumentation and electronics engineering with companies including Allied Signal, The Marquardt Co. and Wyle Laboratories. He has managed research and development divisions and designed and prototyped various electronic test and computer controlled systems on several projects. He has the experience and ability to design, build, operate, and troubleshoot complex electronics systems.

Kedrick Miller, CPA
Mr. Miller has a successful CPA practice in St. George and advises the company on accounting and tax matters. Mr. Miller is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 25 years experience in corporate financial consulting, planning, auditing, and tax law analysis and reporting. Mr. Miller was a partner with KPMG Peat Marwick prior to starting his independent accounting and consulting practice in the early ‘90s.

Holland and Hart, LLP, Business Law
Founded in 1947 in Denver, Colorado, they are one of the premier law firms in the Rocky Mountain West. With over 260 lawyers in 12 offices in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Washington DC Holland & Hart serves clients regionally, nationally and internationally. Holland & Hart provides a complete range of corporate legal services, backed by nationally recognized lawyers and by today’s most advanced computer technology. They offer the essential legal services needed at every stage of a company’s development from startup to public offering.

Thorpe, North, and Western, LLP, Patent and Intellectual Property Law
Specializes in the protection of its clients’ intangible assets, generally referred to as intellectual property. Patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, franchises and trade secrets can protect intellectual property. They also work in related areas of licensing, assignments, non-competition agreements, and prevention of unfair competition.

Lou Arko, Dune Transport
New Earth chose Dune Transport and Maintenance as its main subcontractor for pilot plant logistics, operations, and maintenance. This allows New Earth to contract out that work load without hiring additional full-time staff. Dune also provides a work site for pilot plant operations and repair work.

New Earth Systems Board of Directors
Richard (Rick) Pinkston, (Co-Founder)
Founder and President of West Coast Specialty Stone. Over the last 20 years, Rick has built one of Southern California’s top Specialty Stone organizations. He has front-line experience in small-company strategic planning, financial evaluation, investment strategies, product development, advertising, sales promotion, contract bidding, negotiations, and evaluation of competitor products and services.His experience in the acquisition of raw materials in Central America, organization of product shipment across national borders, and overseeing completion or fabrication of end product contract requirements are a valuable asset.Terry Benton
A longtime management, strategic and project-planning veteran, Terry currently serves as Director of IS Infrastructure Support, North America for Thomson Corporation, a global leader in consumer electronics, post production and home entertainment.Before Thomson, Terry spent 15 years with Lockheed Martin Corporation and led many corporate level IT programs and initiatives. His business and technical expertise, along with a structured approach to projects and problem solving, make him a valuable addition to the NES board.

Terry graduated from California Lutheran University with a BS degree in Computer Information Systems.

Dan Eyde, RPG
Dan serves as President of GSA Resources, Inc., a company specializing in water treatment and odor control technologies through the use of natural zeolites, modified zeolites, and specialty clay products. GSA Resources holds strategic licenses, patents, and mineral deposit claims that are applicable to use in conjunction with the CentrO3fier™ process of New Earth Systems, Inc. Dan brings to New Earth a synergistic background compatible with both our company vision and technological applications.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a registered geologist.

David Keech, PE
As President of American Eagle Instrument in Missoula, Montana, David leads the day-to-day operations of this dental instrument manufacturer with customers in 41 countries. Prior to American Eagle, David served as President of Consolidated Electronics & Adept Engineering, Computrol, Warrick Controls, and as director of R&D at Armstrong International. David belongs to various business and professional organizations, including the Young Presidents Organization. He brings years of valuable manufacturing, international, business leadership, and engineering experience to New Earth Systems.

David earned a BSME from Michigan State and is a Professional Engineer (P.E.).